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Same problems everywhere

AWARE's Male Chapter had called for a meeting Monday Feb 26 to plan this year's activities including ideas for this year's White Ribbon Campaign.

Guess how many men turned up ? Right - me ! And Susanna. Plus, of course WahKiat, the chairperson. So we sat there discussing men and their commitments to gender equality - for an hour - & then left.

Anyway, one idea that came up was to make a new release of an 12 year old brochure on domestic / gendered violence. One of the problems here is that there are no statistics. WahKiat who has some connections with the univeristy here - he's planning to do his doctoral thesis in Australia soon - thinks it might be possible to have some graduate students involved in a first effort to get something started.

Anyway, what's wrong with us men ? Why do we insist on being part of the problem and not part of the solution ? Is it just that we are cowards ? That we think gender doesn't concern us ?