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Dating culture

The behaviour exhibited and the language used on dating sites could be expected to indicate at least to some extent the status of gender equality in a culture. One of my expat (expatriate, ie euphemistically called foreign talent) colleagues notified me about an expat site where you can find some discussions on the unbearable lightness as well as the difficulties of being an expat in this culture, plus a lot of useful hints & advice. When clicking around the site I found this dating department - and of course I had to check it out ;-)

Time flies (as well as feminists)

Trying to stay in touch with what happens over there, I was made aware the other day that publisher Schildts is about to publish a book Den flygande feministen och andra minnen från 70-talet (The Flying Feminist & other memories from the 70ies), a book I have at least indirectly contributed to.

More (or less) Gender Equality in Singapore (Sw)

Pardon the language again - I wrote this text about a local (moslem) man who was married to 10 women and had 64 children with them. The poor guy was jailed the other day after raping 6 of his daughters:

I måndagens tidning fanns en grej om en (muslimsk förstås) man som var gift med 10 (tio) kvinnor och som med dem hade 64 barn - hela 'familjen' bodde i två 7-rumslägenheter i samma hus, vilket gör 5 pers per rum eftersom mannen naturligtvis hade eget rum.

Gender equality in Singapore (in Swedish)

Sorry about the language - I'm writing these essays on gender issues to the Ny Tid weekly and because this latest one is on gender equality in Singapore I thought I'd cite it here - no time to translate though..

Singaporeansk jämställdhet

Same problems everywhere

AWARE's Male Chapter had called for a meeting Monday Feb 26 to plan this year's activities including ideas for this year's White Ribbon Campaign.

Guess how many men turned up ? Right - me ! And Susanna. Plus, of course WahKiat, the chairperson. So we sat there discussing men and their commitments to gender equality - for an hour - & then left.


Singaporean women on an average earn only 2/3 (67%) of what men earn - as compared with 80% in Finland.

Only 15% of the MPs are women - as compared with 38% in Finland.

Statistics on gendered violence are not available in Singapore and neither any research reports.

On the other hand verdicts for rape are very hard, usually several years imprisonment plus often caning.

The Disneyland

Before I left for Singapore, Kim kindly sent me a link he'd found on the net, to a text called Disneyland with the Death Penalty, which I read with delight.

Greetings from Singapore

This is my first attempt to write to this Bert's PFM blog - the idea being that I'll write about and comment on gender & profeminist issues in Singapore - every now & then when I have the time and / or feel like doing so. Writing in a blog is in a way easier than to spread texts in forum groups - for me at least ;-)

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