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Al Qaeda’s profeminist wing ?

A friend who’s working in a kindergarten recently told me a scaring story. One of the parents had one morning arrived at the kindergarten and asked to see the manager. To the manager this parent had complained that a google search had revealed that my friend was a profeminist. The parent was furious and demanded that my friend be dismissed from his job immediately, or ...

The manager, however, stayed loyal and backed up my friend. Frustrated, the parent declared that the kid be withdrawn from the kindergarten group.

If I try to imagine under what circumstances I myself could react like this parent, I can only think of something like one of the nurses being caught actively propagating criminal, terrorist or religious fundamentalist ideas to the children – then I’d certainly at least consider withdrawing my kid from that group.

But profeminism is about gender equality, equal opportunities and duties, the very base of our democratic society. That activities to promote gender equality seem to scare some people out of their wits – that’s really scaring.