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Testicles: Your first abacus

It has long been common knowledge that boys are more talented in mathematics, while girls' talents are more often expressed in verbal skills and communication. By processes still unknown to science some abstract mathematical thinking takes place in the testicles, whereas development of the mammary glands has beneficial effect on the coordination of the larynx. This phenomenon has been used to explain how fields such as technology and business, where arithmetic skills are needed, are dominated by men, while poets, writers and especially literary Nobelists have mostly been... er, lets look at an empirical study on the subject instead:

There's no real difference between the scores of U.S. boys and girls on common math tests, according to a massive new study. Educators hope the finding will finally dispel lingering perceptions that girls don't measure up to boys when it comes to crunching numbers.
Among students with the highest test scores, the team did find that white boys outnumbered white girls by about two to one. Among Asians, however, that result was nearly reversed. Hyde says that suggests that cultural and social factors, not gender alone, influence how well students perform on tests.