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The Right To Live - A Documentary

The Right to Live
A Documentary Discussing Violence against Women & Children in South East Asia

The Right to Live is a documentary film about violence against women and trafficking of women and children in South East Asia. It is directed and produced by Michael Chick. Planned for screening in summer 2011. Its documentary material was filmed in all ten SouthEast Asian countries 2007 – 2009. The film is now entering its re-enactments, editing and post-production phases for which it still needs some supplementary funding (if you can render any help, you are more than welcome to contact Michael at DrMichaelChick (at)

The seed idea was born when a young girl (Nurin Jazlin) was abducted in Malaysia, and found sexually assaulted & subsequently murdered. Her remains were found stuffed in a sports bag and dumped at the back of a factory in the heart of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. They also found a cucumber and an eggplant stuffed into her vagina and anus. What looked like a peaceful country actually had a dark-side. It was immediately realized that the problems were not endemic, or Asian-only, but rather, a worldwide issue.

While the central focus of the film is Asian, the issues discussed are really global (with the exception of female circumcision, which is rather endemic). The other topics include incest, human trafficking & slavery, prostitution, child-prostitution, selling of children (by their own parents), domestic violence, spousal abuse & rape, gender inequality, child brides, pedophilia, self-defense, the institutionalization of violence as well as other general human rights issues.

The Right to Live is also an exploration of the issues past, to help make some sense of the present, and perhaps help shape the future. It is a film about the empowerment of women, without ever needing to do any “male-bashing” at all. Instead, the film discusses the benefits of gender equality. The film is really about promoting and provoking thought. For example, how does one begin to discuss “fate and destiny” with a woman, girl or boy who has been habitually abused, sodomized or repeatedly raped for years?

A website is being set up for communication with the film team and with the foundation, established to manage all legal matters involved. It will also host the master trailers of the film and maintain blogs for victims and survivors.

The Right to Live will be freely available to women's or children's NGOs to arrange screening and distribution of the film in their respective countries and to receive revenues from it – after the NGO's secure their local TV broadcast and theatrical rights. In Finland the NGO managing the film is likely to be Amnesty International Finland and its Joku Raja anti-violence campaign, where Profeministimiehet is also involved.

Estimated runtime:
  • 140 mins
  • 35mm for Theatrical Release
  • Digi-Beta for TV Broadcast (unless otherwise requested)
  • DVD (time-sensitive conditional release)

Exact details and legal contracts will be available in the near future.

The Right to Live - Trailer

Please note that the trailer contains graphical images. It is not recommended for young or easily disturbed people. Click here or image above to watch the trailer.