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Greetings from Singapore

This is my first attempt to write to this Bert's PFM blog - the idea being that I'll write about and comment on gender & profeminist issues in Singapore - every now & then when I have the time and / or feel like doing so. Writing in a blog is in a way easier than to spread texts in forum groups - for me at least ;-)

Yesterday (Monday Feb 12) AWARE's Male Chapter had a meeting where the White Ribbon Campaign of 2007 was very preliminarily discussed. The theme of last year's campaign having been 'Real men don't hurt' the theme for this year will probably be why (some) men do hurt (are violent) and what can be done about it.

A big problem for the MC will be to find a replacement for its chairperson WahKiat Tan, who is leaving in July for postgraduate studies (in Australia).