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Time flies (as well as feminists)

Trying to stay in touch with what happens over there, I was made aware the other day that publisher Schildts is about to publish a book Den flygande feministen och andra minnen från 70-talet (The Flying Feminist & other memories from the 70ies), a book I have at least indirectly contributed to.

Before I left for Singapore, I donated my whole men's lib and men's movement library and archive, 2-3 shelf meters, to Svenska Litteratursällskapet, where a campaign to collect feminist material from the seventies for a project going to document the history of the 'second wave' feminism in (Swedish speaking) Finland had just started, managed by Pia Ingström. As I had been very active in the 'Adam' men's group my archive was appreciated.

Now Pia, Hbl journalist and feminist herself, has written this book on the landing and rise of early feminism in (Swedish-speaking) Finland in the seventies, including some text on the early men's lib movement, represented apparently by this 'Adam' men's group, where I was very actively involved 1975-85 and where my concepts of & attitudes towards gender equality formed and developed into profeminism, long before the term was coined.

Adam was a combined consciousness raising and radical feminist therapy group for men (mostly husbands or boyf of feminists) who wanted to 'become part of the solution, not part of the problem'. 'Adam' was of course very popular with the ladies' magazines in the seventies. When 'Adam' eventually declined to just a talking club he was terminated in a burial (and drinking of course) ceremony.

After 'Adam' came short-lived 'Tarzan', born in Arbis (1986-1988 ?), who never survived the move out of the institute.

Then came 'Adonis'. Born 1992 he has been an extremely long-lived and virile group, still based on feminist radical therapy but also willingly taking influences from 'new age' movements. After 15 years 'Adonis' also seems to have declined more or less to a talking / sauna club. I'm afraid we'll have to terminate him soon. If there still is something to terminate, that is..

And now I cannot but realise I've been active in gender equality & men's lib for over 30 years ! Time really flies !